Our experience has been built up over a number of years and we became known as the automotive transponder Key and lock company in Brooklyn.We have a mobile team for those transponder Key cut and for re-programming those ignitions transponder Key.


Since 1996 with solely a number of exceptions an electronic coded transponder chip has been embedded within the plastic body of the key. The chip needs no battery because it is energised from the vehicles ignition, this code is scan by the electronic Immobiliser once the key\'s within the ignition.


If the transponder chip is broken or missing, the key will turn however the engine won\'t start.


To rectify this problem {you can|you\'ll|you may} need the services of qualified car locksmith to program a replacement transponder chip to the vehicles immobiliser therefore the vehicle will settle for the new chip and permit the engine to start.


Many earlier cars came with a red key not meant for normal use. The locksmith uses the passkey to programme a replacement or replacement key for the automotive.


If you harm or lose the passkey it could cost hundreds of Dollars to exchange through a main dealer, and in some cases you will got to replace the entire engine management system just to get a replacement Key!!!  


Car makers under pressure from the insurance firms have currently stopped using the passkey system.


We have a far better solution if your automobile uses a passkey system, and in most cases we can save you over $600 on automotive dealership prices ….


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