The Auto Key replacement locksmith provide a mobile car key cutting service to Brooklyn. If your keys are lost or stolen we will be with you in but hr to cut a replacement Auto key.


Why use The Auto Key locksmith for your car key cutting?


We cut and program every type of car keys on site at your vehicle while you wait. most of car main dealers don\'t have the ability to cut you a replacement car key in their shop. auto dealers will usually have a code on file that enabel them the data to cut your car key, unfortunately the majority of dealers dont have car key cutting machinery available at your local car dealership. this means you'll have to wait and order replacement keys from their factory or head office. this might take up to five days or even several weeks. we will cut all car keys on-site at the same day as your call.


The varieties of car keys we tend to cut


There are 2 main varieties of key profiles used for vehicles. These are referred to as side cut and laser. At The car Key replacement we will cut sorts all kinds of side cut and laser type automotive keys. we tend to have access to a selection of car key cutting machines and every key type might need cutting on a completely different specialist key machine. side cut car keys are used on earlier varieties of vehicles and are currently being replaced with laser keys by most makers. Having said that there are variety of car manufacturers that are still using the side cut key. This kind of key is renowned for becoming worn and snapping. The Car Key cutting & Car Locksmiths can recut snapped car keys and will save you cash over ordering during a replacement key from a dealer. Most car dealers can replace a snapped car key with a whole new key that needs programming to the automotive. we will simply cut a new key using the snapped items as a guide and then transfer over the new transponder chip key, then program the key to the car.

What are laser cut car keys?


Believe it or not these keys aren\'t really cut by some laser, it's  named laser cut key as their cut appearance resembles the trail of a laser. laser automotive keys are getting used more oft and are slowly exchange the majority of side cut automotive keys. they are a way stronger key that are less vulnerable to becoming worn and snapping.

Car Key Cutting